25 Jan 2016


Remove Navbar in Blogger Blog

Navbar can remove with the help of HTML, CSS code and we will provide an expert look to our blogger blog since the first impression becomes the last impression. You have to create your blogger blog simple and professional since the difficult look of blogging annoy people and they will not come another time into our blog thus we have to effort to switch visitors into our blog readers and they will if they like our blog and blogger design play a significant job. You like to read how to add a gadget and also like to read how to add HTML/Java Script into blogger blog. Nothing is impossible in blogger what we require to information like HTML, CSS, Java script and we will provide a grand look to our blog. In this post, we study equally how to turn off the navbar and also study how to remove navbar you can apply anyone as you wish both is easy to do, to turn off navbar did not require any code but in the case to remove navbar I used CSS code and apply it. Navbar is come into view at the top of our blog and provide the non-professional look and our objective has to be to give a professional look to our blog. Google also feel affection for to a better arrangement of your blog content and it is also significant in point of SEO since 70-80% traffic come up to from search engine and it is very important to earn money online, you like to read after 6 months of blogging.

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Method 1- How to Turn Off Navbar in Blogger Blog

So now we will learn how to turn off navbar in blogger blog, this process is very easy what you need to go to blogger blog and log into with your email and password and now blogger dashboard will come into view. Now select your blog and find and click on “layout” option.

Now another page will come into view you have to find out “navbar” option and click on “edit” option.

A popup window will come into view, scroll down and mark on “off” option and click save now navbar will not show into your blog.

Step 2- How to Remove Navbar in Blogger Blog

In this step, we will use CSS code to remove it, go to blogger blog and log in with your email and password now blogger dashboard will come into view and you have to find out “Template” option and click on it.

Now a new page will come into view and you have to click on “edit template” option.

Now press Ctrl+F and search for blogger template style and hit enter and copy and paste below code as I did and click on “save template”.

{Display: none !important;}

You can choose and apply both as explain above and provide a professional look to your blogger blog you like to read how to install a new template into blogger blog or like to read how to customize blogger template. Hope you like this post do not forget to like and subscribe my blog if you any query into your mind let me know in a comment I will happy to help you.

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