16 Jan 2016


How To Add Google Plus and Twitter Follow Button in Blogger

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Social media is significant for every online business later than How to create a Facebook fan page and How to add Facebook fan page in blogger blog now I will like to share how to add twitter and Google plus in blogger blog. Gplus is sprint by Google and it is very significant it show the first page of SERP and nearly all of blogger using it when you make a Gmail account then a Google plus account created and you can modify blogger setting like when you post an article then automatically post on Google plus profile due the growth of Google plus there are a lot of Google plus app and when you log in to Gmail account then you turn out to be automatically done to Google plus sign in. After adding Google plus, I would also like to explain how to add a Twitter follow button in Blogger Blog. So Twitter is also very significant for online business and you can with no trouble increase twitter follower and obtain the traffic from it and it raise your blog post page view. Three social media is very significant Facebook, Google plus and Twitter for and Blogger. Same like Google plus and Facebook at Twitter there are too many Twitter app as we know that about what is twitter and now we will study how to add Twitter follow button into blog/website. Before going to this topic I would like to share How to add HTML/Java gadget into Blogger Blog since we will utilize this widget in this post and if you know regarding it then you can do it with no trouble.

How to add Google plus Follow Button in Blogger Blog

So now we will study how to add Google plus follow button in blogger blog, you can easy add it from blogger blog what you require to log into blogger blog and select and click on layout option…

After click a new page will come into view and you require clicking on “Add a Gadget” option…

After click on “Add a Gadget” a popup window will release now scroll down and select and click on plus button upon “Google+ Badge”…

After that a new page will come into view where you can customize your Google+ Badge I leave it all as it is and simply replace title from Google+ badge to Follow Me on Google Plus and click save congratulation you have successfully add Google plus follow button into your blogger blog now go to your blog and refresh your page now it will show in there you can also change the position of this gadget. You will like to click here which is a YouTube video in Hindi/Urdu where I explain about how to add HTML/Java gadget into blogger blog.

How to Add Twitter Follow Button in Blogger Blog

The process is same as I describe above…
Log into blogger blog.
Select a layout and click on it.
A new page will come into view now select and click on “HTML/Java Script”…

 A new page will come into view just copy all below code and replace green color text with your Twitter name and paste in there

<a href="http://twitter.com/guideusonline" class="twitter-follow-button">Follow @guideusonline</a>
<script src="http://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Like I did it below image and click save.

Congratulation you have successfully added follows us on Twitter button.

You can modify place of gadget and put it where you desire and convert your blog visitors into your blog reader and when you update or post an article on social media then it will directly show to his social media profile. expect you like this post let me know in a comment if you find any problem I will glad to help you and do not fail to remember to like and subscribe me on social medias to get the daily updates.

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