29 Dec 2015


How to Customize Free Blogger Template 2015

Customize Free Blogger Templat
Blogger Template is a single file which is associated with HTML, CSS, XML and javascript by using this you are able to modify the significant fraction of the template. A lot of bloggers feel affection for HTML and CSS but they are not additional familiar with XML. You can modify your blog template by yourself or you can do it by adding CSS in there. Using customization you can modify your blog title, heading, word size, sidebar width and also modify the footer, you can also modify and customize the blogger color in there. You do not require changing the code all you require to hit customize button and customize desired part. With good customization, you can connect people and also put your ads and earn extra money online. Google blog give much free of charge template which suits your company, there are lots of categories you can select, later than choosing a template it is the time to customize your blog you like to read how to add gadget and also like to read how to add third party content into your blog in this post we will study how to customize your blog and provide practical look to your blog. stay one thing in your mind that keep simple your blog design does not make difficult design because it irritate people and moreover remember the first impression is the last impression it is also significant in point of SEO and to get traffic to your blog/website.

Here is video lecture as regards how to customize your blogger blog


After watching this now you have clear thought how to customize your blog/website, you can also employ CSS by which you can provide good-looking sight to your blog/website.  You like to watch my video blog which is Hindi/Urdu and I am in no doubt it will assist you to obtain the practical idea. The reason of this article to provide you simple idea to customize your blog there are a lot of ways you can obtain your objective but it is an effortless method you can do it other than if you want to additional professional look to your blog/website then you have to employ HTML and CSS as a lot of bloggers using this.

create an easy design to your blogger blog since at initial people have no good idea how to navigate your website/blog and due to the compound design, it irritates people, create a professional look to your website/blog. Use HTML, CSS, XML and javascript where you have faith since many of them put in virus in there and it is the against the Google policy you like to read how a blog gets spam and how to restore your blog/website. Expect this article to assist you if you have any problem write to me or you can inform me in a comment I will be pleased to assist you, like subscribe and share with your contact.

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