10 Dec 2015


After 6 Month of Blogging

Blogging is the mixture of hard and genuine work. Lots of irritating moment comes at starting of blogging, may you will fall down consequently several times if you are a success at the present after that you learn how to defeat your fall and get a rise again. No alternative of hard work, it is the key of success, never stop and discover the reason of failure and keep working on it and then keep moving forward. Many quite their blogging due to lack of correct strategy and a large amount of blogger did not get blogging seriously. Learn something new on a daily basis and apply it when to demonstrate better result make it a hobby. Failure is a fraction of success since it teaches us a lesson and person who did not fear it and accept it, get success on his way. For all time create a plan and strategy and planning to achieve anything like blogging. You are here to learn what to do after 6 months because you got what you want so now it is time to earn money online from the internet. The internet is a place of opportunity where you have to discover something and working on it. You will now earn decent money when your website Alexa and Page rank is good if your website page rank is not good, it’s ok you can earn money online. I listed below to best kind of earning method after getting success in blogging. Read everything and when you like to apply it on to your blog.

Apply to google Adsense

 After 6 months of blogging you can apply for Google Adsense but read the terms and policy, what is allow and what are not allow. Read with awareness and then be relevant it. Never apply for Adsense account previous to 6 months I considered that your website got a position like has good Alexa rank, page rank, and subscriber.

Apply to BuySell ads

It is a large company with measure up to google Adsense. If you got approve to that website then you will obtain an advertisement for 30 days and you will get money,  it could be 50-60$ it depend on traffic of your website and subscriber. If you have supplementary visitors then you will earn more money. You have to apply for this, however, stop they have a few requirement which is your website have more than 50 email subscribers, 99K Alexa rank, 1000+ facebook likes, and have 500+ twitter followers. Good blog content and design also considered by BuySell ads. Never imagine about copyright do not copy a post and paste it into your blog/website. When you obtain its account then not recall Adsense account since Adsense account is nothing in front of BuySell account. You can earn further than 700$/month.

Offer services

If you have any services then you can sell out to your readers for example if your website is concerning SEO, web design, and web devolvement, people love to buy these services if they have faith in you.

Offer your product and selling

Maybe you have any product in favor of example web designing, logos, DVD, e-book you can sell it out. If you did not have any page rank from search engine and if your website Alexa rank is awesome then it’s acceptable you can too earn decent money.

Ask for donation

If your website in English words and a visitor comes from international then you can ask him to donate money to your website if they like your website then he will donate money more then 500$.  There are many alternatives of earning technique, but the blogging is an everlasting and continuous source of earn money online.

So later than your solid word at the moment your Blog/Website rewards you with money it is a pleaser time to you cheering and composes part huge. Hard work never disappointment it always rewarded to you and lead you to live your own life. This is for whom get achievement but folks who are trouble to their blogging trail not to be anxious you can also make money from to that website at small level. Subscribe and follow me and in future post I will inform you about earning. identify me in comment if you found this post facilitate to you and if you have any question you can ask me in a comment I will joyful to assist you.

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