27 Dec 2015


How to Add Third Party Content In Blogger Blog

How to Add html/java gadget In Blogger Blog
Blogger have lots of characteristics and we can use it by simply or we can use HTML, java, CSS. This is the most important characteristic in blogger you can put in third party content and create a good-looking design to your blog. Be alert, do not add third-party content where you have no faith since some of them put in a virus into HTML or java so forever get third party content where you have trust. With the assist of this, you can give a fancy look to your blog and also give simple navigation which help to a visitor who approaches to your website. You can add third party content by using a gadget or by edit template or you can do it by customizing the template. What you require to look for to your desired HTML, CSS, and copy paste in there you can create by manually but you have to information how to write HTML, CSS. There are many website where you can study this and then write yours and make a gorgeous design to your website, do not add more HTML or CSS, make your website simple as possible and for all time make as it reliable to your visitors. Always create your website mobile friendly since it also significant for SEO. You can vary the position of a widget like left, right, upper and down, use of this widget in blogger is enormous like adding a cool facebook like button, email subscriber box, twitter follower box and also Google plus profile and subscription box you like to read the initial guide before starting blogging.

How to add third party content into our blog/website

The process to add HTML/java widget into your website is easy you require to search and copy HTML and add to your website, at initial you find trouble to this but a time when you done it turn out to be easy to do. Follow the step below...

  1. Go to blogger.com and log into with you email and password and blogger dashboard will come into view
  2. look for layout option which show at the top then using drop and down select an HTML/java widget.
  3. Now paste your copy HTML in there and click save. Now you were done, Go to your website and now it is live into your website or blog.

Follow this process correctly and then your widget will show in there.

Also, as I inform you, you can modify the position of a widget. You require going layout option and selecting widget which you want to move. Move cursor on a widget and click and hold the right button of your mouse, now move widget position where you desire and free mouse right click and click save which appear at top right. You like to read how to add YouTube video into your blog/website.

Advantages to add third party content

this widget has the lots of advantages, but I am going to list few, so you will get the correct idea and importance of it. This is the very simple procedure to put in third-party content and will give no problem.

  1. You can add third party content.
  2. Make an awesome design to your blog or website.
  3. Add your social media subscribe button with a fancy look.
  4. You can put an ad in there.
  5. These are the important advantage of HTML/java widget.

This is the most significant widget in blogger and by using this, you can create a good-looking design to your website/blog. Be careful to those who add spam into Html, add only that HTML/java which trusted. Hope you folks like this and will helpful to you.

Here is video tutorial to add third party content (Html/Java) into your blog/website Hindi/Urdu

If have you any problem or incapable to understand you can ask me in a comment I will happy to help you, like and subscribe to my website/blog.

You like to read how to add a simple gadget into your website/blog where I also add a video which is Hindi/Urdu.

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