22 Dec 2015


How Gadgets Make You a Better in Blog/Website Design and SEO

cool gadgets
The gadget is a significant fraction of a blogger since it give simple negation and also significant in point of SEO. Google feel affection for that website which has simple navigation and it also assist to people to simple navigates your website. After you put in your website in blogger.com require giving a good impression to your website. There are a lot of widgets available into categories you can put in everyone, but I will put forward you to add few which are significant and require to add into the website. There are two kinds of gadget one type gadget turn out to be many times using means you can use many times and other becomes one time means you cannot use more than one time. The most important widget in blogger is HTML/JAVA widget by using this you be able to add third party content like HTML or java it is the most powerful and significant widget in blogger.com I will be discussed in detail afterward. You also like to read how to create a website on blogger which also include Hindi/Urdu video tutorial, also like to read how much you can earn from blogging one think I like to say that you can earn decent money from it, many of blogger get success and be paid decent money as of it. When you engage blogging then you have to study a few skills like HTML, SEO, CSS and English you did not require in deep you have to need by which can you act your job. So let move on topic and study concerning widget which take importance both for SEO and people, you also like to read starting guide about blogging

Important widgets you have to use your Blog/Website

Labels demonstrate the category, for example, you have  a lot of  posts which is associated to SEO then you can add to a category in SEO and everyone post related to this will demonstrate in there. So how to add this widget into your website? Log into blogger.com with your email and password at the present blogger dashboard page will open you have to select layout>gadget>labels and click save.
Popular post
This widget demonstrates the post which is visit most of the time matches up to other means popular post. There is also configuration menu by which you can configure it.
Subscribe by email
It is also the significant widget you have to employ it into blogger. By using this subscriber will increase too, readership will boost. Also, it is significant for SEO, and also important for absence account.
Google plus profile and share button
I will extremely advise you if you did not add this widget add it right now since Google feel affection for that website which have this kind of widget.
RSS feed
Another important widget in blogger.com is RSS feed, it function is grand when any person subscribes your website RSS feed then he will get inform when you post a fresh article. You like to read more about RSS feed.

Here is video tutorial in Hindi and Urdu to put in cool gadgets into your website

After watching this video now, you have to idea about how to add a gadget into your website and also the significance of gadgets. If you like this video please subscribers and like my video channel and share with your contacts to obtain every day inform. After this tutorial I would like to inform you I will post a new article which will about how to add third party content into your blog, it is the most important part you have to know and add to your blog, I will also make a video tutorial about it which will be in Hindi/Urdu you will love it I am sure about it so do not forget to subscribe my YouTube channel and also like it.

Add a widget, it is significant for your website and also important for SEO. Let me identify in a comment if you discover and difficulty or misgiving, do not fail to remember to like and subscribe my website also join me on social media. You like to watch my YouTube channel which is Hindi and Urdu and it will surprise you.

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